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FGWRS interviewed in the context of a study lead by the National Institute of Circular Economy and OPEO, Industrial Transformation Council.

Theme of the 2020 study:
What are the circular economy models? What are the barriers preventing industries to implement circular economy models? What leverages did industrial circular businesses activate?

Reshaping the context in which industrial activities are evolving is the only way to pivot towards circular economy. Among the current obstacles, three types of leverages were identified; adaptation of regulations to industrial challenges, strengthened economic and financial support and promotion of tools to help behavioral shift. The future of the industry must be circular.

We would like to sincerely thank Emmanuelle Ledoux and Amélie Vaz for enabling our participation in this important study.

Find the interview of Pierre Magnes, Development Director of FGWRS on page 93.

FGWRS is a member of the INEC.

Link to the study

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