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Grey water recycling solutions for collective housing, outdoor hotel grounds, hotels and camping sites

  • At a time when environmental preservation is crucial, collective housing, outdoor hospitality, hotels, and camping sites — large consumers of water — are called upon to play a major role in reducing drinkable water consumption.
  • FGWRS offers innovative solutions to address this issue.

Collective housing, outdoor hotel grounds, hotels and campsites: Recycling for a sustainable future

  • FGWRS benefits from the technological expertise of FIRMUS France, a pioneer in grey water recycling and water resource preservation for over 15 years.
  • The collective station range from FGWRS recycles grey water with an efficiency greater than 80%.

Our water resource recovery solutions

  • Recovering grey water and pool water from showers, sinks, washing machines, steam rooms, and swimming pools enables more efficient and sustainable use of this precious resource.
  • Reusing water can serve for toilet flushing, cleaning and irrigation tasks, as well as being used for the following needs: showers, having a wash, using the washing machine, steam rooms and swimming pools.

Learn all about our grey water recycling solutions designed for collective housing, outdoor hospitality, hotels, and campgrounds


Collective buildings, outdoor hotel grounds, hotels and campgrounds: Benefits of our recycling systems

Our grey water and swimming pool water recycling systems offer significant benefits:

  • Guaranteed grey water recycling rate of 80%, subject to strict compliance with the usage conditions of the process.
  • Real-time remote monitoring to prevent major breakdowns and ensure continuous water supply.
  • System sizing simulator for optimal use according to the conditions of use and the amount of water volume to be treated.
  • Compact and modular, adaptable to the available space.
  • Fully automated to minimise maintenance costs.

Attractive return on investment

Whether you own or manage a collective building, outdoor hotel ground, hotel or campsite, rest assured. Our solutions offer attractive returns on investment, and we provide financing solutions to facilitate access to them.

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