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Industrial laundries or laundromats, recycle all your wash water!

  • Have you invested in an industrial laundry or a self-service laundromat?
  • Do you process hundreds of kilos of laundry daily while being aware of the drinking water shortage we are facing in the near future?
  • Optimise your operating costs by adopting our laundry water recycling system.
  • Show your customers that you support a circular economy model while standing out from your competitors with this innovative approach.

Laundries too can now actively contribute to water preservation.


Discover the collective station range from FGWRS

  • Our FGWRS collective station range is designed to recycle grey water from wash tunnels and industrial washers.
  • We offer a complete solution for recycling all your wash water.

Efficiency over 80%


  • Guarantee of recycled water quality compliant with wash water standards.
  • Guaranteed 80% yield, maintained over time thanks to a fully automated system operation.
  • Real-time remote monitoring system to prevent major breakdowns and ensure continuous water supply.

A versatile solution

  • Compact and modular, our solution adapts to the available space in your facility.
  • Fully automated and adaptable to minimise maintenance costs.
  • Concentrate treatment incorporate to comply with discharge regulations.

Cost-effective solutions

  • FGWRS offers cost-effective systems with attractive returns on investment.
  • We also provide financing solutions to facilitate your access to this innovative technology.

Client case

As the fourth major player in France in the linen rental and maintenance sector, Anett initiated its first project for the reuse of wastewater at the Revigny-sur-Ornain site (Meuse), relying on the technology and expertise of FGWRS.

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