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Preserving water resources is one of the major challenges of our future.

FGWRS recycles 80% of your grey water.

FGWRS is capable of recycling 80% of your grey water, often exceeding this figure.
Preserving water resources is crucial for the future of our planet.
The cutting-edge technology of FIRMUS France is behind the grey water recycling process deployed by FGWRS.
Together, we are committed to the race for preserving drinking water.
FGWRS deploys FIRMUS France technology in Monaco and internationally, while FIRMUS operates in France.

On-site demonstration

We bring our mobile demonstrator directly to potential clients.
Get an assessment of your needs and an on-site simulation.

A sustainable future

Save drinking water and energy by adopting our grey water recycling system. You are investing in a sustainable future.

A multi-target offer

Our expertise offers solutions for various environments, including:

Reputation and trust

Our partnerships, alliances, and distinctions guarantee you a dependable and esteemed service provider with a proven track record in a competitive industry.


Supported by Monacotech, an incubation and acceleration program in May 2019 I Member of the Monaco Economic Board I Partner of Monaco Inter Expo for DUBAI 2021 I Labelled by Solar Impulse I Subcriber to the National Pact for Energy Transition I Member of INEC and OCCE


The technology deployed by FGWRS has saved over 7 million litres of water.

Let’s continue together!

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