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FGWRS process demonstrator: FAIRMONT MONTE CARLO

  • Our demonstrator of the FGWRS grey water recycling process is installed at FAIRMONT MONTE CARLO hotel. It is connected to the grey water collection network of 4 rooms.
  • We are grateful towards the FAIRMONT MONTE CARLO for its commitment in this demonstration – and more generally in the preservation of water resources, sustainable development and circular economy within the Principality of Monaco.
  • We set up this installation with the support of SOGET (Dalkia Group) and QUALLEO Environnement.
  • This demonstrator is a real “data acquisition center” from which we can monitor and record several parameters (flow rates, pressure, turbidity, temperature, etc.).
  • In partnership with FAIRMONT MONTE CARLO we will establish a correlation between the room occupation rate (including number of guests) and the grey water collected.
  • The demonstrator will operate for several weeks and we will initiate water analyses (by a COFRAC approved laboratory) to validate the quality of the produced water.
  • The results of this demonstration will be presented in partnership with FAIRMONT MONTE CARLO.
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