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Where do we stand in terms of regulations?

  • Some countries around the world have already incorporated the use of recycled grey water into their regulations, and we actively support the development of this process.
  • Our goal is to promote this practice so that it becomes an accepted norm worldwide, thereby contributing to more sustainable water resource management.
  • The use of treated grey water, which involves recovering, collecting household water, and then using it after treatment, is currently not authorised in France for domestic use.
  • We are working to change this situation and allow as many people as possible to benefit from this technology.
  • As long as regulations are not adapted to individual use, offering our products and processes as collective solutions makes more sense.

What is our expertise in grey water recycling?

FGWRS‘s expertise focuses on providing solutions for a variety of environments such as:


ESA Illustration Image


Franco-Italian Concordia Research Station, Antarctica


FIRMUS Team and IPEV December 2019

Discover our offer.

  • Our process can efficiently recycle 80% of grey water, thus contributing significantly to the preservation of drinkable water, subject to compliance with usage conditions.
  • Pioneers in this field, we have deployed our Grey Water Recycling Stations from Monaco since 2017, meeting the needs for preserving drinking water across various territories.
  • This grey water recycling method is the result of extensive research conducted by FIRMUS France since 2005, in partnership with the European Space Agency.
  • The design, realisation, and operational monitoring of this process has been in service since 2005 at the Franco-Italian Concordia Station in Antarctica.
  • It allows for the recycling of kitchen, shower, sink, and washing machine water.

7 million litres of water saved and 1,300+ satisfied users since its commissioning without any technical or health incidents

  • Our system has been successfully tested. It demonstrates its adaptability to a wide range of applications. It complies with regulations and technical constraints in force at the station as well as the ESA’s hygiene standards.
  • This method is now made available by FGWRS.

What technology does FGWRS offer?

A genuine Concordia “Mini-Station”

  • We have a mobile model, a real “mini station” Concordia.
  • It allows us to demonstrate the process’s effectiveness in terms of water quality produced and treatment percentage.
  • This model can be moved on-site to demonstrate the quality of the treated water and the efficiency of the recycling rate.
  • It is with this model that we are actively working on the development of a “domestic” version of the process intended for individual homes.

3D View of the FGWRS Mobile Demonstrator


FGWRS Simulation Software

A unique simulation software

  • This simulation software, unique in the world, allows for the sizing and simulation of the FGWRS process coupled with energy recovery. It optimises its operation.
  • This tool was designed to develop grey water recycling combined with energy recovery.

Find the demonstration video of our simulator.

The guarantee of FIRMUS France’s expertise

We rely on cutting-edge technology developed by FIRMUS France, an expert in the design and monitoring of the FGWRS grey water recycling process.

Proven process, quality control

  • Our approach is based on producing water of perfectly controlled quality thanks to a proven process.
  • The over 15 years of operational experience with FIRMUS France technology provides all the guarantees needed for health authorities.

Technical constraints

  • Technical constraints exist, but we have remedied this challenge.
  • Indeed, recycling greywater requires a separation of the networks.
  • It is forbidden to send greywater into the general evacuation network that collects black water to prevent them from mixing.
  • This constraint requires an adaptation for existing buildings but is an easy design for a new building.

Check out our solutions for collective housing.

  • We size the upstream (greywater recovery) and downstream (treated water) tanks according to the application.
  • The quality of the produced water allows for use in all household applications except drinking (which ultimately represents only 1% of daily needs).
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