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Do you know FGWRS?

  • Firmus Grey Water Recycling System is a Monégasque company founded in 2017, specialising in grey water recycling. Its acronym is FGWRS.
  • Our expertise comes from the work of the company FIRMUS France, based in Occitanie, France. This is where our R&D centre is located.
  • We capitalise on its technology and know-how to make it accessible to a wide audience from our strategic position in Monaco.
  • This location allows us to radiate internationally and to actively participate in a hub of continuous innovation.

Since 2017, FGWRS has been developing the commercialisation of “Grey Water Recycling Stations” from Monaco to all territories in demand for the preservation of drinkable water.

The FGWRS technology (Firmus Grey Water Recycling System) comes from the expertise held by FIRMUS France, a company located in Clermont-l’Hérault (Occitanie), France.


What does “grey water” stand for exactly?

Grey water refers to waste water from showers, sinks, washing machines, steam rooms, and swimming pools.

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  • By 2030, a quarter of the world’s population will face a drinkable water shortage, underscoring the urgency of preserving every precious drop of water.
  • In this context of a global drinkable water crisis, we are committed to protecting the water resources of our planet by preserving drinkable water resources.
  • A global awareness offers the potential to recycle 50% of our daily drinkable water consumption. This is precisely what FGWRS strives for.
  • Our FGWRS systems play a crucial role in significantly reducing drinkable water consumption.

FGWRS commits to recycling 80% of grey water provided that the usage conditions of its process are strictly adhered to.

  • Our mission is to raise awareness and accountability among all drinkable water users, both individual and collective, thus contributing to the preservation of this vital resource for our future.
  • All our philosophy and activities are dedicated to promoting in Europe and around the world:
    • ecological transition,
    • principles of the circular economy,
    • climate initiatives.

Join FGWRS in adopting a sustainable future!

FGWRS in figures

Over 7 million litres of drinkable water have been saved!


Monaco Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

In service in 2021
35,000 litres of water saved


Roland-Garros tennis tournament locker rooms

In service in 2020 and 2021
53,000 litres of water saved


Concordia Antarctic Station

In service since 2005
7 million litres of water saved

FGWRS’s key objective

  • FIRMUS France has developed an innovative and proven process for grey water recycling, thus marking a significant advancement in the preservation of our drinkable water resources.
  • Our expertise focuses on providing solutions for a variety of environments, such as:
    • industrial laundries and laundromats,
    • collective housing, hotels, outdoor living spaces, and campsites,
    • community swimming pools and water parks,
    • sports centres.
  • We disseminate our expertise through the deployment of two main FGWRS solutions: the FGWRS collective stations and the FGWRS home stations, currently under development for domestic use.

FGWRS’s values

  • Guaranteeing the quality standards of FGWRS is our commitment, which we realise by ensuring meticulous surveillance of all operations.
  • Our commitment is based on fundamental values:
    • Safety
    • Flexibility
    • Water conservation
    • Energy savings
    • Energy independence
    • Resource preservation
    • Innovation
  • The motivation and trigger for adopting this technology and engaging in this collective initiative depend on each individual, but together, we can make a major difference.

Discover our technology.

Main contact persons


Pierre Magnes

  • Pierre has been the Managing Director at FGWRS in Monaco since 2017, aka 7 years of expertise in this role.
  • From 1989 until the early 2000s, he held several positions such as Study Manager, Technical Manager, and Development Manager within industrial and agricultural companies in the South-West region.
  • Pierre then worked as a freelance consultant in Toulouse, specializing in Project Management for cogeneration plants and biomass heating systems.
  • After spending 3 years in Paris as a Project Manager at NovaWatt, Pierre has also been managing FIRMUS France since 2011 in his role of Development Director.
  • He holds a Doctorate in Ecotoxicology from the Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III obtained in 1989, highlighting his commitment to a deep understanding of environmental impacts.

Jean Christophe Lasserre

  • Jean-Christophe began his career as a Process Technician in a gold recovery unit using cyanidation, elution, and electrolysis for Mines and Chemicals of Salsigne, then as a Senior Project Technician at Périgourdine Engineering’s design office.
  • He then worked for 20 years as the Head of Testing at the membrane technology development centre at TechnoMembranes Development in Hérault.
  • Finally, since 2011, Jean-Christophe has been the Technical Director of FIRMUS France, where he is involved in defining the company’s objectives and directions, and undertaking the following tasks:
    • Successfully carrying out study programs,
    • Sizing units and conducting techno-economic studies,
    • Managing, organising, and coordinating all studies, tests, and analyses performed in the company.

Matthieu Louppe

  • Matthieu has been a director at FGWRS since 2023, boasting a diverse experience.
  • He simultaneously holds the role of Managing Partner at ALL DOCS OODRIVE in Monaco.
  • Prior to his involvement in FGWRS, he was a Director at EVERIAL SA Monaco and founded DigiDoc Monaco as well as EDM solutions for the entire Monaco and Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region.
  • With a Master’s in International Trade obtained in 1995 from ESIAE Paris, Matthieu has also been very active as a volunteer.
    • He chaired AS Monaco Rugby and Monaco Cloud Community Europe, thus contributing to the development of rugby and Cloud Computing in the Principality.
  • His 20-plus years as an entrepreneur demonstrate his commitment to growth and innovation.

Thomas Imbert

  • Thomas holds the position of Business Manager at FGWRS.
  • He cultivated his interest in energy right from the start of his studies, directing his career path towards fluid energies.
  • After obtaining a BEP in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, followed by a BAC Pro in Energy at Vauban High School in Nice, Thomas earned a BTS in Fluid Energy Environment at Léonard de Vinci High School in Antibes.
  • Before joining FGWRS, he was part of the company C2S in Monaco. Earlier in his career, he gained valuable experience at CS INGENIERIE in Nice and for the company COMETH in Monaco.
  • Thomas dedicates his free time as a volunteer firefighter in Levens.

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