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Sustainable solutions for swimming pools or water parks

  • FGWRS is firmly committed to achieving a recycling rate of 80% of grey water with its collective station range and offers a range of solutions for swimming pools, water parks and aquatic centres.
  • Moreover, performance indicators often show results exceeding this 80% threshold.
  • This innovative technology allows pool and aquatic centre owners to reduce their environmental footprint while saving on their water bill.

Solutions for swimming pools: Benefits

Regulatory compliance

  • Technology compatible with the new decrees of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of May 26, 2021, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Reliable and consistent performance

  • Yield over 80% stable over time thanks to real-time system monitoring, offering reliable and consistent performance.

Swimming pool owners, let’s discuss your future water, energy, and maintenance savings.

Solutions for swimming pools: FGWRS meets all the needs

  • The FGWRS solution is designed to meet the needs of all types of pools, water parks and aquatic centres.
  • Its key features are:

Compact and flexible

  • Compact and flexible, adapting to the available space, regardless of the size of the swimming pool or water park.

Fully automated

  • Fully automated and under the supervision of our remote systems, our solution allows our clients to achieve optimal yields for water treatment.

Solutions for swimming pools: Cost reduction

  • The FGWRS system offers an economical solution for swimming pools, water parks and aquatic centres by reducing operating costs in several ways:

Water savings

  • Reducing chloramine concentrations, limiting the intake of network water, thus saving on water costs.

Energy savings

  • Energy savings by feeding the basin with hot water, meaning a lower energy bill for heating the swimming pool or water parks.

FGWRS in action

FGWRS offers collective stations to cater to different pool capacities:

  1. These stations are designed to be flexible and adapt to demand.
  2. They guarantee optimal performance and responsible water use.
  3. The efficiency of FGWRS can reach 80%, subject to compliance with usage conditions. Our system is designed to maximize this efficiency.
  4. The FGWRS collective station range allows for recycling water volumes that suit all sizes of community pool basins or water parks.
  5. This versatile solution is designed to suit any pool owner or aquatic centre of any configuration.

Financing solutions

  • We believe in preserving drinkable water resources to support future generations.
  • Our system offers a sustainable solution to achieve this goal.
  • We are dedicated to making this technology accessible to you by helping to set it up as soon as possible.
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