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Grey water : Waste water produced by domestic activities, excluding black water.
“Grey water is intended to be reused after undergoing treatment” (French Official Journal dated 15 January 2017)

Preserving the water resource is one of the major challenges of our future.
FGWRS® allows you to recycle 80% of your grey water.

💧 Our Expertise

FGWRS® (Full/Firmus Grey Water Recycling System) is the result of the technical expertise of FIRMUS France, capitalising on this technological achievement.

💧 Our Mission

Since 2017, FGWRS® has committed to expanding the commercialisation of ‘Grey Water Recycling Stations‘ from Monaco, thus addressing the need for preserving potable water in various regions.

💧 Our Origins

  • Our method of grey water recycling is the outcome of research conducted for the European Space Agency by FIRMUS France. and marketed by FGWRS®.
  • Since its launch in 2005, more than 1300 individuals have lived in complete autonomy in one of the world’s harshest environments, with no reported technical or health incidents.

💧 Our Process

  • FGWRS® recycles grey water up to 80% and allows for on-site reuse.
  • The FGWRS® recycling process preserves potable water resources and harnesses energy.

💧 Our Solution

  • We offer you the opportunity to recycle 80% of your grey water to obtain hygienic-quality water for toilets and the sanitation network.
  • Recycling your grey water helps reduce carbon emissions, save potable water, and conserve energy.
  • Our system becomes cost-effective through energy valorisation that contributes to your place’s thermal needs.

💧 You Are Concerned:

  • Public Swimming Pools
  • Laundries and Automatic Laundromats
  • Collective Housing

💧 Virtuous Circle

  • Grey water recycling sources include: showers, sinks, washing machines, steam rooms, and pools.
  • Possible uses include: showers, toilets, washing machines, steam rooms, pools, cleaning, and irrigation.
  • The technology marketed by FGWRS® has saved more than 5 million litres of water since 2005. Let’s continue together!

💧 Our Philosophy

Wash water > save water.

“Is it still sensible to use drinking water for flushing toilets, operating washing machines and dishwashers, cleaning floors, or even for showering and washing our hands?”

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