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Imminent Threat Of Water Shortage In South Of France

Imminent threat of water shortage in South of France

In the face of the imminent threat of a water shortage in the South of France, the solutions proposed by FGWRS are more relevant than ever.

Significant challenges to address

Today’s article in Nice-Matin [December 11, 2023] highlights the challenges posed by:

  • Decreased water availability
  • Loss of aquatic and wetland biodiversity
  • Deterioration of water quality
  • Increased risks associated with climate change.

Concrete solutions to alleviate these vulnerable sectors

  • As a local leader in grey water recycling, our Monégasque startup, FGWRS, offers concrete solutions for collective housing, outdoor hospitality, hotels and camping sites —sectors particularly exposed to these risks.
  • The article emphasises the need to reduce water consumption, and that is precisely what our solutions provide.
  • Our collective stations, with a recycling rate regularly exceeding 80%, enable more efficient and sustainable use of water resources.

Advantages of our systems in the face of water shortage

  • The benefits of our systems, such as real-time monitoring to prevent major failures and attractive return on investment, directly address the issues raised in the article.
  • While the government injects funds to address the climate emergency, we are more than ready to collaborate with stakeholders in these sectors to implement immediate solutions.

Let’s preserve water today

Contact us today to discuss how FGWRS can contribute to water conservation, whether in our region or yours, which may also be facing this threat…

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