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Macron’s Warns: Less Than 1% Of Water Is Reused In France

Macron’s warns: Less than 1% of water is reused in France

In the face of successive government alerts, FGWRS solutions emerge as an obvious choice to save our water resources.

In the article ‘Sobriety, tariffs, wastewater… measures from Emmanuel Macron’s “water plan” written by Mathilde Golla and Joséphine Boone, published on March 30, 2023, in French paper Les Echos, French President Emmanuel Macron presented the government’s “water plan,” focused on water resources management and ecological planning following a historic drought in French territory in 2022.

Call to action

During a visit to Savines-le-Lac near the artificial lake of Serre-Ponçon, the Minister of Ecological Transition emphasized the expected decrease of 10 to 40% in available water in the coming years, urging immediate action.

This “water sobriety plan” with 53 measures was implemented during the summer of 2023.

Five axes of the water plan

The five main axes of the plan included:

  1. Implementation of “water sobriety”
  2. Combatting leaks,
  3. Reuse of wastewater,
  4. Measures to transform agriculture and funds to promote groundwater recharge,
  5. Gradual evolution of water pricing with an incentive for sobriety beyond a certain consumption level.

The context of the historic drought in 2022 and global concerns about water stress have reinforced the importance of addressing water-related issues.

Urgency of water management in France

Faced with the pressing reality of the global water management crisis and these encouraging initial measures, including the reuse of wastewater, we are convinced that it is crucial to turn to concrete solutions to slow down the significant decrease in water reserves. That’s our key objective.

How can the technology designed by Firmus France and deployed by FGWRS play a vital role in implementing government measures, thus contributing to sustainable water resource management?

Emmanuel Macron: Today, “less than 1% of water is reused in France, but we can do ten, fifteen, twenty times better (…) We have women and men in our territory who know how to do it.

Indeed, at FGWRS, we believe that we can do much better than one percent. You just need to take a look at other countries as examples to follow.

Transition to Firmus & FGWRS solutions

The technology created by Firmus France and now deployed by FGWRS stands out as an evident solution. FGWRS offers a proactive approach to address the challenges of drinking water scarcity and water stress.

FGWRS solutions

FGWRS offers concrete actions to reduce water consumption by recycling 80% grey water at the very least. This innovative technology, developed by Firmus France, represents a significant advancement in preserving our drinking water resources.


FGWRS expertise is not limited to specific areas; it addresses a variety of environments, ranging from collective housing to hotels, campsites, swimming pools, water parks, and laundries.

Concrete solutions

Concretely, two main solutions are proposed:

  • collective stations, suitable for shared environments,
  • home stations, currently under development to meet domestic needs.

FGWRS offers a pragmatic approach to promote the preservation of drinking water and sustainable management addressing the issues outlined in this article.

Feel free to share your concerns about water stress; we certainly have a solution to offer.

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