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Interview With Ch. Lasseur, Project Manager For MELiSSA (ESA)

Interview with Ch. Lasseur, Project Manager for MELiSSA (ESA)

Conserve water, energy, and cut down on carbon emissions through grey water recycling!

  • Christophe Lasseur, Coordinator of Life Support Activities and Project Manager for MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support Alternative) at the European Space Agency revisits the FGWRS grey water recycling process developed in collaboration with FIRMUS France.
  • He underscores the vital role of recycling in addressing contemporary environmental challenges.
  • Grey water recycling is not only essential for extended space journeys but is equally critical for safeguarding our terrestrial drinking water supplies.

FGWRS stands at the forefront, with the capacity to recycle an impressive 80% of grey water!

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