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Interview With Christophe LASSEUR MELiSSA Project Manager And Support Life Activies Coordinator At The European Space Agency

Interview with Christophe LASSEUR MELiSSA project Manager and Support Life activies Coordinator at the European Space Agency

Save water, energy and reduce carbon emissions by recycling your greywater !

Christophe LASSEUR, Support Life activities Coordinator and MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support Alternative) project Manager gets back on the FGWRS® greywater recycling process through the collaboration between the European Space Agency and FIRMUS®. He addresses the importance of recycling to face current environment challenges.
Greywater recycling is as much a necessity for long space travels as for preserving on Earth drinking water resources.

FGWRS® offers to recycle 80% of greywater !

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