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First FGWRS Home Station Installed In Monaco Villa Troglodyte

First FGWRS home station installed in Monaco Villa Troglodyte

  • FGWRS is happy to have been given the unique opportunity to install its home station in the Villa Troglodyte in Monaco, the first Monegasque building ever to receive the BDM (Bâtiment Durable Méditerranéen) label, gold level. It can be translated as “sustainable Mediterranean building”.
  • The FGWRS home station is compact and fully automated.
  • Connected to the Internet network, the FGWRS home station can be monitored and controlled by smartphone or tablet.
  • It recycles grey waters from showers and sinks. Grey waters processed by the FGWRS system are then used for toilet flushing, watering green spaces and washing machines.

Thanks to the company J.B. PASTOR & fils MONACO for their trust and for giving us the opportunity to participate in this exceptional project.

Follow this link for more information about the Villa Troglodyte located in Monaco.

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