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Grey water comes from showers and sinks, but also from other uses such as swimming pools and steam rooms. Its collection and treatment can reach 80% of savings to be used again for the same purpose or to feed flushing toilets, laundries, water systems to wash floors or for irrigation. Distribution of treated water is decided by the user according to the specific needs of the facility.

A grey water recycling process in a building is designed globally and then integrated into the entire network. It is essential to value the calories from FGWRS® process’ treated water to optimize its operation.

The issue of Grey water recycling is even more important for collective equipment that consume large amounts of water, especially hotels.

Our process outstands by:

  1. The quality of the water produced
  2. A global design and energy recovery
  3. An adapted operating principle
  4. A controlled maintenance with onsite staff training

Our dedicated FGWRS® software allows you to simulate the operation of our process adapted to your project and to optimize its sizing and operation.

We simulate the amount of water and energy you will save.

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